A Collaborative Cookbook curated by Wesley Prep, Cafe Momentum, and Bonton farm

Our Common Table

A Recipe for Transformation

A table is a natural gathering place where life's important moments are punctuated. This passage from SHINE sums it up well:

"A dining room table is the place  where family traditions are born, stories and inside jokes are told, heartaches are soothed, relationships repaired, homework is completed, holidays are celebrated, and countless prayers of gratitude are lifted.  Here, meals are shared and family recipes are passed down.  This is a place where we are seen, known and valued. Our identities are nourished in every way as we gather around a table."

Our Common Table  will be the product of moments shared around many tables. Each recipe has been prepared and tested by a group consisting of Cafe Momentum Interns, Bonton Market staff members and Wesley Prep 4th graders.  They were prepared and taste tested in 5 different homes during an evening of fun and fellowship.  All the recipes included in our cookbook will be chef tested, kid approved, and made with many Bonton Farm fresh ingredients.

As we seek to create common ground, I can think of no better place to do so than gathered around a table. I suspect barriers were broken as we broke bread together. The intimacy of a shared meal allowed us to see one another up close. As we worked alongside each other, our stories combined, much like the ingredients in a delicious recipe.  

When our cook book is complete, we'll be in several locations around town to share it with all of you.  Keep checking our events page to find out where we'll be next. We would love to visit with you!

On April 28th we'll host a dinner at Cafe Momentum featuring some of our recipes.  That evening you will hear from each recipe writing group about their experience gathered around Our Common Table.